A freelance journalist and critic, as well as a student, I’m currently the film critic for Brisbane Times Ipswich, and my work regularly appears in the UK-based film magazine Little White Lies in both print and online editions, as well as various platforms of SBS online. Additionally, I edit the culture website Monumental Pictures, and my work has also appeared on sites like Vanity FairThe Guardian, Brisbane Times, Kill Your Darlings, and bMag, and has been featured by platforms including Netflix. A Brisbane native from birth, I have a lifelong passion for anything arts and popular culture. With backgrounds in film and television, dance, theatre, photography, and music, I’ve written extensively on these topics, as well as having an insatiable appetite for coverage on celebrity, popular and youth culture, and fashion. I was also a participant of the 2016 Melbourne International Film Festival Critics Campus, have covered The Australian International Movie Convention, have hosted and appeared on panels and Q&As, and have interviewed a variety of talent, including Oscar nominees Taika Waititi and Juliette Binoche, and Saroo and Sue Brierley, played by Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman in the hit film Lion.
My reporting has taken me far and wide, I love nothing more than unearthing something unique and exciting for readers that has often been ignored by mainstream media. I’ve been writing professionally since I was 15, editing and co-owning the popular website FashionOfGlee.com, which allowed me to interview crew members from the show, as well as see the site be profiled by various outlets including Tumblr and received worldwide press and recognition from publications including Elle and fashion houses like Kate Spade. More recently, I have written about a fan convention not only dedicated to celebrating television shows but also empowering fans to make a difference, interviewed one of Australia’s most beloved film critics, and written about what is lost in translation when adapting Australian stories. I also appear in Little White Lies’s latest issue, writing about how Brie Larson transcended sexist boundaries put up by Hollywood to become one of the most acclaimed actresses working today and forge her own identity. My particular passion is to produce coverage that exists at the intersection of culture and politics, particularly in the present where the two are inseparable. When I’m not trying to write about the neverending list of things I’d like to, I enjoys ballet, calling out bad French in English language films, and arguing about Awards Season.

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