On the Brisbane Queer Film Festival and its importance to Queensland’s LGBT+ community // SBS Sexuality

King has been involved in the festival since 2010, and responsible for programming since 2015, and says that community diversity and inclusivity are important themes when considering the BQFF program each year. Both King and Marshman’s aims for this year are to bring more awareness to the festival, as well as starting to grow and diversify the festival’s audience—including trying to attract ally audiences. 

“[There’s] Rara, Real Boy, Out Run and The Lives of Therese that you could share with your mother for example, as well as films such as Below Her Mouth, Paris 05:59 and Taekwondo that you wouldn’t want her to see,” Marshman says. 

While queer stories are more visible in mainstream media than ever, from films like Moonlight and Carol to TV series’ like Transparent and Looking, Marshman says the experience of discovery at the festival is still paramount: “it is now our job to find those other stories that can’t get their voices heard in a mainstream cinema context”. 


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