Unspoken messages weigh on Manchester By Sea // Brisbane Times Ipswich

In his new film Manchester by the Sea, the unlucky recipient is Lee (Casey Affleck, playing his usual roster of emotionally remote, damaged men), who receives the shattering call on a winter’s day while shoveling snow outside his apartment building. It’s a simple task, but a scene framed with such significance that one can’t shake the feeling that each shovel of snow, even if in ten years time, will ache with this moment. Lee’s living a self-inflicted anonymity in the building, working as the janitor as well as living in the bowels, escaping something that is gradually revealed in a series of extended, mounting flashbacks. He rushes to the hospital, in a town he used to know, to find that his brother (Joe, played by Kyle Chandler) has died, leaving Lee to be the guardian of his teenage nephew Patrick (an exceptionally controlled Lucas Hedges).



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