After a quiet protest comes a victory

Monumental Pictures

Five years ago seems like a lifetime in this news cycle, but remember 2012? When it came to end of year accolades, three films dominated the conversation – Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, and Zero Dark Thirty. Of the elite triple-punch, Silver Linings was the outlier – the lightest and most apolitical, it was an independent romantic comedy that made over ten times its budget that goodwilled its way into eight Oscar nominations, including snagging a spot in all four acting categories (the first film, in a startlingly relevant piece of trivia, to do that since Warren Beatty’s Reds in 1981).

That left Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, two sides of the same coin. Argo was based on a feel-good, hooray-for-Hollywood story of an CIA agent (Ben Affleck, also director) rescuing six American embassy workers from 1979 Iran under the guise of making a film. Zero Dark Thirty was a dramatisation…

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