Final chapter of brainless, sizzling entertainment // Brisbane Times Ipswich

The expectation here should be for fun that doesn’t weigh heavily on the mind, and that’s what director Paul W.S. Anderson does, once again creating a sleek, action-packed video game that doesn’t require a controller. Mad Max: Fury Road has revived the post-apocalyptic world since 2012s Retribution installment, the visual cues indeed a no-brainer. It’s largely all in good fun and impossible to judge seriously – to suggest any kind of conventional barometer of quality would be entirely beside the point – notoriously self-consciously over-the-top and fast paced, it wastes no moment with jolting jump scares punctuating scenes, and sizzlingly quick cutting and frenetic visuals of flashbacks and come-tos making it impossible to lose interest.


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