La La Land, American Honey, Green Room, Moonlight, and more of the best films (and TV) of 2016

Monumental Pictures

Above (L-R): Stills from The Fits, Green Room, Chi-Raq, American Honey, Queen of Katwe, and San Junipero

If something was made evident by the films of 2016, it was the power of coincidence. A film is not only a document of time intentionally – through subject matter, writing, and inspiration – but unintentionally. The world changes in an instant, and by the time a film is seen, whatever was made in the previous environment can either look more meaningful, or possibly insulting. A lot became more meaningful following that day two months ago, a lot of films more urgent or indicative of problems like greed and injustice and disconnection, benefitting from that thing called hindsight. In May, Green Room, where a punk band (lead by the late Anton Yelchin) attempts to escape a group of Neo-Nazis in the Oregon woods, was just an expertly made, terrifying lightning bolt of a horror movie. By…

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