Jackie, in her own words // Brisbane Times Ipswich

There’s simply no time for grief in Jackie, a biopic-cum-psychological study about the construction of legacy that feels brittle and fake, but not to its detriment. Directed by Pablo Larrain, who was behind Catholic church drama The Club and the Oscar nominated No about the 1988 Chilean plebiscite, it’s about a woman who was a master of images, who constructed and curated a myth that’s still revered today.

It does away with the expectation that a film, particularly one that reflects the past, must be seamless and perfect, where reality and fantasy become inseparable. What is seen must also be believed, accepted as a perfect, immersive representation. Jackie may be brittle, fake, and seem like a soundstage rehearsal with the director destined to call cut at any moment and the actors to return to themselves (or would they?), a transparency that would be a hindrance in any other context.

Read the rest at Brisbane Times Ipswich


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