I, Daniel Blake – where humanity has become obsolete and unaccommodatable

Monumental Pictures

When middle-aged carpenter Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) suffers a heart attack, he’s faced with a conundrum – his doctor forbids him to work, but he is declared ineligible for welfare payments. The only assistance he is eligible for is a job seeker’s allowance, a small amount of money with one condition – he must spend many, many hours a week looking for work. Having worked as a carpenter for thirty-or-so years, he is unbelievably experienced, however not in the eyes of the government. He hands out resumes but asked where the proof is, and the departmental mantra of “go online” – passing the buck, declaring that it’s someone else’s problem – is useless, as he’s never used a computer. He wants to work, is offered jobs, and the government tells him he must, but it doesn’t change the fact he’s been told not to. When he attends a resume making workshop…

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