To download or not to download – is that the question?

Monumental Pictures

Red DogLionThe Dressmaker, and Hacksaw Ridge are Australian films endangered by infrequent moviegoing habits. Image credit: Roadshow Films, Transmission Films, Universal Pictures, Icon Film Distribution.

Visit a news outlet on a Monday afternoon for a certain ten weeks of the year and, like clockwork, you’ll be greeted by a similar headline. “Game of Thrones piracy boom shows Aussies aren’t afraid of the copyright police,” said the Sydney Morning Herald in April. “Australians were at the front of the worldwide queue despite legal avenues to access the TV show at the same time it aired overseas,” said Yes, Australia leads the Game of Thrones and movie pirates, the nation most likely to jump aboard the internet, sail the high seas of the deep web, and return with the coveted bounty stolen from another ship – the latest instalment. And distributors are declaring…

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