#Top10…with Ella Donald // Movie Critical

When I’m introduced to people I meet as “the movie one”, I know my reputation precedes me. I grew up watching everything, particularly old Hollywood musicals (if you ever want an in-depth discussion on MGM’s back catalogue, you know where to find me) and comedies, and today (as well as studying at university) I’m a freelance journalist and film critic . I can talk way too much about everything, from how that perfect swell in the music at the end ofLaurence Anyways ALWAYS makes me cry because it feels so much like the ache of being in love, to how Velvet Goldmine is really the film that encapsulates the mysticism and euphoria of fandom in your teenage years, to how I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers most days before I started school.

My life feels lived through films, each favourite somehow intertwined with a part of my story. Where do I start to compile this list? Asking me to name my favourite films is never definitive, it feels more like a snapshot in time than a list that is in any way permanent. Every time I pick I feel like I’m leaving off something incredibly important. So, think of this as less of an all-timer, and more of a right-now list. These are the films I’ve been coming back to lately, that I can’t get out of my mind. The list is alphabetical, because I’m not a fan of ranking things, it intensifies my anxiety about coming back five minutes later and changing everything. Although, if you’ve taken a look at my social media in the past year, you can probably guess which one rises above the rest… I’m nothing if not obsessive.

Read my full list over at Movie Critical 


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