High-Rise is darkly, absurdly euphoric

Monumental Pictures

The concept of big-budget, strange independent cinema is a concept that went out with the global financial crisis, something that makes the existence of Ben Wheatley (SightseersKill-List)’s High-Rise nothing sort of a miracle. It’s a sense of daring excitement that permeates the whole film, a handsomely designed and hilarious mindfuck that will make one either rise from their seat either from excitement or en route to the door.

After all, it makes its statement of gory, adrenaline-fuelled intent early. By the end of the opening minute, the cooly detached Doctor Laing (Tom Hiddleston, using his introverted and mysterious charm to full effect) has spit-roasted his beloved dog to the sounds of property-commercial ready violins in a moment of desperation following a lower class uprising in the titular tower block.

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