Dylan Reeve on the stranger-than-fiction truth of Tickled // Monumental Pictures

It starts in the simplest of places, and ends up in the most unbelieveable. Back in 2014, popular New Zealand entertainment journalist David Farrier stumbled across a video of Competitive Endurance Tickling. Finding that the organisation behind the videos were less than open and cooperative, he decided to investigate further with friend Dylan Reeve, who has an extensive career in post-production. Their investigation, which takes them to the US and back in a wild and at times dangerous pursuit of the story, is the subject of the documentary Tickled (out August 18 in Australia from Vendetta Films. The film is at once hilarious and horrifying, one that goes in such unpredictable directions it makes for a nervous watch. I recently spoke with Reeve, who is based in New Zealand, over the phone about social media mysteries, real-life sequels, and what it’s like to be asked questions about Donald Trump while promoting a film about tickling.

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