Queensland Film Festival 2016 Review: Evolution // Monumental Pictures

Director Lucile Hadzilhalilovic denies that Evolution is allegorical for anything, including puberty, gender identity, or sexual assault, but it’s almost impossible not to when it possesses the same eerie plot and themes as a good number of recent films.

A volcanic-looking island of black rocks and rough waves where there’s no sign of life on the horizon is inhabited solely by women and young boys. They live in spartan houses and are forbidden from swimming in the turbulent seas, despite frequently bathing in them with their mothers. How big is the island? How many people live on it? How does it exist in the modern world? Hadzilhalilovic, who created a similarly morbid and closed world in her controversial film Innocence 12 years ago, is thankfully not interested in answering such questions.

Read the rest at Monumental Pictures


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