Remembering Anton Yelchin // Monumental Pictures

“The film itself is relatively forgettable. It’s a sweet, well-intentioned attempt at a combination of an Audrey Hepburn romance, a Before film, and a Woody Allen film; but it falls short by playing into a healthy amount of French stereotypes (there’s a scene where Brian samples wine wearing a blindfold before being offered baguette to cleanse his palette) and abandoning all tension around its conceit. But despite the also-ran nature of the glib plot, the success of the film is entirely due to Yelchin’s performance. As Brian, his easy charm and earnestness, his ability to make a familiarly neurotic character so enjoyable to watch, unabashed optimism and tendency to speak in prose and quotes and all, so easy to love is what made the film work. While most actors as young as he was (24 at the time of filming) would attempt to hide their youth behind a phony snarky self-assurance, Yelchin wears every one of his young years proudly on his sleeve, fresh and open.”

Read the rest at Monumental Pictures


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