Eddie the Eagle is a masterclass in pure entertainment // Monumental Pictures

“Convention doesn’t mean anonymous uniformity. It doesn’t mean the Marvel brand of template, completely removed of artistry or differentiation for fear of scaring away the audience, resulting in a complete lack of dramatic stakes. It doesn’t mean the countless films that pass through cinemas every year without much fanfare, not due to small marketing budgets but complete lack of difference from the many that came before them, destined to be forgotten by the next news cycle. Any moment of tension, whether it be death or faux-thoughtfulness, is quickly dashed with the bare minimum of impact. We know that this character will not be dead, or this plot point is around the corner, so why bother? Captain America: Civil War promised that it was going to be about the consequences of violence inflicted by the now recognisable band of good-looking superhumans, also known as the Avengers, but Marvel’s tendency for never going outside the narrative structure committed to film so many times before meant that it once again, despite best intentions, produced the same film.”

Read the rest at Monumental Pictures


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