Film Class Rushes: Overt Killed the Covert in Film Noir // Monumental Pictures

“For the past four weeks I’ve been spending my Wednesday mornings basically back where I was from July to October last year – in a university film class. It’s an interesting crowd. There’s everyone from film buffs to education students, those who watch many films a week to those who probably have never watched anything before 1990 and struggle to watch one outside class each week. I’m of two schools of thought here. Sure, I’ve always loved films, but I’ll freely admit that my knowledge is lacking in certain areas, particularly in horror. I’ve always watched plenty, so much so that it’s become an ingrained part of everyday life. As a kid, the only television show I regularly watched was The Simpsons, because we were always watching films instead. Sometimes they were the same films, everything from On the Town to Mermaids to O Brother, Where Art Thou?; sometimes we were discovering something new. Whatever it was, life was so inextricably linked to that continuous discovery and then repeated infatuation with a film.”

Read the rest at Monumental Pictures


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