Blockbusters, Subversion, and Deadpool // Monumental Pictures

How do you subvert an entire movie brand, a brand that is known for ceaselessly upholding the PG-13 blockbuster formula?

You don’t, as it turns out.

There is a premise that superhero movies seem to be locked in, despite reaching to get out of it. As Marvel continues to pump out identical narratives year after year, never without the set-up and payoff that feels like it was crafted by a team of crack scientists instead of writers, a periodical viewer who is nonplussed by the idea of comic books being endlessly brought to the screen has to wonder if audience fatigue will ever set in. Will cinemagoers just stop paying for a mass-market product that has no distinguishing quality from the twenty preceding it, wondering if there is something more interesting than the same techniques of emotional manipulation (the continued tactic of faking a character’s death comes to mind)?

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