Ella Donald is a freelance journalist, critic, consultant, and marketing manager across a wide variety of topics that are on any kind of screen or stage, whether that be literal or imagined, from Brisbane, AustraliaHer work regularly appears in publications such as Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Junkee, SBS, Brisbane Times, Little White Lies, Kill Your Darlings, Metro Magazine, Screen Education, and bMag, and has been featured by platforms including Netflix. With backgrounds in film and television, dance, theatre, photography, and music, she’s written extensively on these topics, as well as covering celebrity, popular and youth culture, social and cultural issues, technology (particularly the increasingly narrow divide between technology and culture), and fashion from both an industry and audience perspective in a variety of formats (including podcasting). 

She has been writing professionally since she was 15, where she began editing and co-owning the popular website FashionOfGlee.com. This allowed her to interview crew members from the show, as well as see the site be profiled by various outlets including Tumblr and received worldwide press and recognition from publications including Elle and fashion houses like Kate Spade

She has also hosted various Q&As and other events, spoken about issues in popular culture and the arts on a variety of platforms, and received a number of awards and other achievements.