Ella Donald is a journalist, university tutor, critic, and writer from Brisbane, Australia. She teaches at the University of Queensland, and writes for publications including Vanity Fair, The Guardian, GQ, The Saturday Paper, Vice, ABC, Fairfax, and news.com.au.

Her writing spans a variety of topics, from arts and entertainment, to sport, to technology and youth culture, to social and cultural issues. There’s opinion pieces about how the Australian attitude to the Olympics has changed, and how the Oscars must stay relevant in the #MeToo age. She’s interviewed directors, musicians, actors about everything from the future of Netflix to sex on screen, as well as some incredible real-life inspirations. There’s academic articles about things like colonialism and Hollywood epics, and pieces for museums, too. She’s looked at how restaurants and art spaces tell the history of a city, how churches are bucking trends of declining engagement, and what is lost when Australian stories are transplanted to America. There’s personal stories and those of others about the importance of representation in media and how not to do it, as well as reviews of movies that weaponise convention. She’s appeared on ABC Radio, NPR, and in various publications as an expert, and is a film critic for ABC Radio Drive NSW/ACT. She made a podcast to talk about her favourite TV show. Basically, anything that helps decode the world outside her bedroom. She’s also in a book!

Once, Taylor Swift made a music video that looked a lot like something else, and Ella was quoted in a lot of articles about it, including on The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzfeed, and Indiewire.

Ella is a graduate of The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia (BJ, 2017), also attending the Queensland University of Technology. She has been the recipient of a Dean’s List commendation for academic excellence. In 2017, she undertook a residency at House Conspiracy. In 2016, she was a participant of the Critics Campus at the Melbourne International Film Festival. In 2009, she won the student section of the 2009 City of Melbourne EcoCity Photo Competition. In March 2018, some of her work appeared at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. 

She has been writing professionally since she was 15, where she began editing and co-owning the popular website FashionOfGlee.com. This allowed her to interview crew members from the show, as well as see the site be profiled by various outlets including Tumblr and received worldwide press and recognition from publications including Elle and fashion houses like Kate Spade.

Ella has a background in a variety of areas, including film, dance, fashion, theatre, art, and music. She continues to work across various mediums, in addition to teaching journalism, communications, and media studies subjects.